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What Should I Read Next?

Have you read a really good book and want to find more books that are like it?  Now you can look for books that are similar to the books you like at What Should I Read Next? The site will recommend titles that may interest you.  Click on the link below to check it out!

 ELM Reading Lists

Below are some ELM reading lists for different genres.  All the books listed are available in our library.  Check back as we add more lists.


Teen Romance

If you liked Twilight…

Young Adult Titles



Epic Reads Blog

Epic Reads is a fun blog that focuses on the latest teen literature.   There are many ways to search for new books on the site.  You can browse the “Best of” lists, read reviews, watch book trailers and much more.  If you like to be the first person to have a new title, check out the “New Releases” section which lets you know which new books have just hit the shelves!  In addition, there are author Q&As, an Epic Reads Book Club, polls, quizzes and contests that you can participate in as well.  To visit the site, click on the Epic Reads icon above.


ELM Shelfari

Do you want to know what new books the library has?  You can find out by checking the Shelfari widget that was recently added to the library blog.  You can find it on the right hand side of the webpage.  To scroll through the titles, click on the arrows.  If you click on a book cover you can get a summary to find out what it’s about.


Book Requests

If you want to read a book that our library does not have, make sure you stop by the front counter and add the title or author you are looking for to our “Book Request List”.  I will use the list when I place book orders and try to get you the books you would like to read.  You can also post a request as a “comment” below.  I’m looking forward to getting your recommendations. 🙂


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