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Logging into your SUHSD Google Drive Account

Google Drive appEvery student has a Google Drive account with 10 MBs of storage space.  The username and password for the Google Drive log-in are the same ones you use for your SUHSD Google email accounts.  Students have a Google Drive App on their ipads, and can also access Google Drive on a desktop computer.  For help resetting your password, click here.

How to Log into Google Drive – iPad App


Syncing Notability With Google Drive

Notability sync with google driveStudents should sync their Notability documents with Google Drive.  Just like students “save” their documents on a desktop, it’s important to save documents in Notability in case something happens to the ipad device and the documents can’t be retrieved from it.  You only need to set your Notability account to sync with Google Drive once, and then you are worry free!  Any new documents you work on in Notability will automatically be saved to Google Drive once you set up the sync.  For step by step instructions, click on the link below.

Syncing Notability with Google Drive


Saving ipad Photos and Videos to Google Drive

Pictures to Google DriveMany students take photos and create videos for their class assignments on their ipads.  It is important to back these files up by saving them to Google Drive.  In case something happens to the ipad device, these photos and videos will not be lost if they are stored on Google Drive.  Photos and videos on the ipad camera roll will not be automatically synced with Google Drive.  Periodically (particularly when a student needs these photos and videos for assignments), students should send their pictures and videos to Google Drive.  Click on the link below for step by step instructions.

How to Send Photos and Videos to Google Drive


How to Send a Document from Google Drive to Canvas

Google Drive to CanvasJust like you can submit documents from Notability to Canvas, you can also submit documents from Google Drive to Canvas.  Click on the link below for step by step instructions.

How to Send Documents from Google Drive to Canvas

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