EastLake Middle Follett Shelf

Eastlake Middle Library has an e-book collection. Click on the Follett Shelf link to see what titles we have available.  You will log in as a guest – username and password information are listed below and is the same for everyone.




Username: library

Password: tritons

You can also download the Destiny Discover app on your iPad to access Follett Shelf e-books.  Checking out books through the app will allow you to download titles you check out to your iPad.  If you are now able to download the Destiny Discover app on your iPad, please bring your iPad to the iPad Help Center at the front desk of the library.

Defining Documents in U.S. History e-books (Salem Press)

U.S History students now have access to “Defining Documents in U.S. History” e-books from Salem Press.  The collection includes primary source documents that are organized by era.  We currently have resources for the following eras:

Exploration and Colonial America 1492-1755

The American Revolution 1754-1805

Manifest Destiny & The New Nation 1803-1860

The Civil War 1860-1865

Reconstruction and the Development of the Industrial United States 1865-1880

Emergence of Modern America 1868-1918

Visit Salem Press Database Instructions for step by step instructions that show you how to access the site.  The password for access is: elmhistory.


Free e-books with Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books, or eBooks.  The mission of Project Gutenberg is simple: To encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks.  Project Gutenberg strives to provide as many eBooks in as many formats as possible for the entire world to read in as many languages as possible.  Take advantage of this wonderful resource!  Many of the classics are available on Project Gutenberg.  If you want to read an e-book, check Project Gutenberg before you purchase it, it may be available for free!


Free e-books with a Chula Vista Library Card

Do you have a Chula Vista Public Library card?  If so, you have access to thousands of e-books from the Chula Vista Public Library.  You will need to install OverDrive on your desktop computer or download the free app on your mobile device.

Once you have installed OverDrive on your desktop computer or downloaded the app on your ipad, it gives you access to the Chula Vista Public Library e-book collection.  For this app, you will need a library card number to download e-books that you check out.

To access OverDrive once you download the app, you will also need to create an Adobe ID.  This requires you to provide an email address and create password.  Once you enter your Adobe ID there is a short tutorial and then you can go to “get books” to start downloading titles from the Chula Vista Public Library.  If you need any help accessing these free resources, please contact Ms. Gonzalez in the library.

If you don’t have a library card, visit your nearest Chula Vista Public Library with a parent/guardian and sign up.  It’s free!


Gale Virtual Reference Library

ELM now has access to over 100 Gale e-reference books.  The password to access them is : eastlake.  The reference e-books include volumes on Art, Biography, History, Literature, Science and many more.  If you need to do a project, these reference e-books are a great place to start.

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